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The Surefire Way To Making Any Network Marketing Business Work

Are you at that time in your network marketing career when you badly need a magic potion, the simple solution that can ultimately unlock the massive success you dream of?  Do you feel like you have exhausted all possible solutions, and are met with nothing but dead ends left and right?

To network marketing practitioners, both newbies and even those who have been at it for quite some time, these moments come by very often.

My friend’s experience

Recently, I was talking to a friend who suddenly decided to work with me, and give network marketing a second try.  Naturally, I asked her what happened to her first shot at it, and this is what she told me:

“At first, I was doing fairly okay.  I was able to sell some products, managed to sponsor some friends into the business, got some commission checks.  But eventually, I got more Nos than Yeses.  Eventually, the people I sold products to stopped buying.  I became too busy at work to really spend time sponsoring people.  My downlines became very busy as well, and stopped responding to me.  My commissions stopped.  I guess I just got tired of looking for solutions, and just thought, ‘Oh what the heck.  I have a great job.  I do not need to bother with this.’  So I forgot all about it.”

I asked her what made her want to do it this time, and she said,

“Well, I saw you doing it, and thought maybe you have the right strategy that I didn’t have.  I believe in network marketing so much, and thought that with your strategy, it’s worth another shot.”

It happens to all of us.

Long story short, she thought I had the magic potion.  Little did she know I can very well relate to her story because the same things had happened to me.  From when I started my network marketing career years ago, UP TO NOW, the same things are happening over and over again to me.  I get a lot of NOs.  I get rejected, even by those who already are in my team.  I get busy and overwhelmed by life that doing the business becomes challenging.

One of the blackholes I usually fall into in my own network marketing business is getting frustrated when people do not attend the trainings I work hard to prepare for. How I deal? I just convince myself to get over it, or else it will haunt me until I give up. Thankfully, I followed that inner voice.
One of the blackholes I usually fall into in my own network marketing business is getting frustrated when people do not attend the trainings I work hard to prepare for. How I deal? I just convince myself to get over it, or else it will haunt me until I give up. Thankfully, I followed that inner voice.

Come to think of it, don’t all those things happen to all network marketing professionals the world over?

Sure, a very special few shoot to greatness almost from Day One.  I do not know how they do it, but let us just say they are the alien few.  For the rest of us (yes 99% of us), it is supposed to be a challenging, uphill climb.  The start of a network marketing career is ALWAYS (yes, ALWAYS) characterized by this:

There is that flame of excitement, hope and determination but it’s so small that it can easily be put out by raging confusion, fear,  impatience to see results, the trauma of rejection, the frustration at being laughed at by people who do not understand, and ultimately, the convincing power of that loud voice urging you to make the easiest decision to make: GIVE UP.

The “magic potion”

But somewhere along the road, the wise ones among us find strength in KNOWLEDGE, and that spells all the difference.  If you are wise enough to seek proper training on how to do the business properly, you will make it.  If you are wise enough to seek mentorship from people who have made it, you will make it.  If you are wise enough to realize and accept that it indeed is a hard, steep, uphill climb, and you will not exempt yourself from taking it, you will make it.

And finally, if you are wise enough to KNOW BETTER THAN TO GIVE UP, you will make it.  It will take some time.  It will take a few tumbles and falls.  But you will make it.

Stay the course.  That is the ultimate way to making ANY network marketing business work.

Love to Hear from You!


Life After The Elections: Now What?

So I write again.

Maybe it’s the couple or so new subscribers to my website, who, despite my inactivity, have been sending me kind messages that my posts have touched them in some way. [thank you by the way, guys. Know that you inspire me as much.]

But more likely, it’s the surprisingly peaceful and optimistic end to the most divisive national elections ever, which to me is an indication that the Philippines might actually stand a chance at meaningful change, and eventually, real and inclusive prosperity.  Call me naive, but I am a little giddy inside with hope just thinking about the next six years.  True, it’s going to be hard, but I apply the same mindset I have in doing my business: nothing worth having comes easy, and nothing is too difficult for a dream that is worth it.

(Credits to: www.lifehackquotes.org)
(Credits to: www.lifehackquotes.org)

Do you agree?

Couple of days ago, just as the tallying of votes neared its end and the presumptive winners were already being hailed on social media, I came across two opposing but very similar posts on my newsfeed.

One rejoiced the massive win of his candidate, and that “finally, may chance na rin guminhawa ang buhay natin.”

The other lamented the results, and warned: “When you find yourselves out of a job, with nothing to feed your family, because foreign investors pulled out their investments, you know who to blame.”

Of course, these statements elicited a barrage of comments, replies, affirmations and hot arguments in their wake.  Whom do you find yourself agreeing with?


This will not be a political commentary nor an analysis of what the situation will be under the newly elected administration — we’ve all had enough of that in the past couple of months to last us through the next six years.  But allow me to give my two-cents worth.

On its good days, government can be able to provide us opportunities for a safe and healthy existence:  adequate food supply, a clean environment to live in, protection from danger and harm, convenient means of communication and transportation, quality education, good prospects for work or business to be able to earn a decent living.  But even under this ideal scenario, NO GOVERNMENT WILL HAND YOU WHAT YOU NEED ON A SILVER PLATTER.  You have to go out and get it.  You cannot partake of the food supply if you don’t work for it.  You cannot live in a clean environment if you don’t maintain it.  You cannot earn as much as you want without getting off your butt and claiming it.

And on the other hand, anyone who has ever complained of the state of government knows how the bad days can be like.  You have to fight tooth and nail for even the basics like food, water and shelter.  You have to fight much harder for a job because hundreds of others are after the same spot.  Even in business, you have to fight harder to survive suppressive regulatory processes and your customer’s dwindling purchasing power.  And these are the times YOU DEFINITELY CANNOT JUST THROW IN THE TOWEL, let your family starve and then blame it all on government.

Bottom line is, whatever this government turns out to be, it’s both impractical and scary to put our future in the hands of just a few people.  Just as it is crazy these days to depend entirely on your job, or business, or on a single source of income.  Everyone needs a Plan B all the way through Plan Z, so that we may rise with the tide or roll with the punches, whatever the case may be.

(Credits to: www.thefreshquotes.com)

At the start of this new administration, let us strengthen our resolve to put less dependence on the government and more on ourselves.  Because the truth is, we shouldn’t really depend on government for our personal success.  On the contrary, the success of government actually depends on us.

Cheers to brighter days ahead, because WE say so!

ktin light

Love to Hear from You!


How To Beat Stress

In this day and age, is there still anybody who can claim he or she doesn’t get stressed?

Stress is the solopreneur’s middle name.  Funny, we appreciate technology advancements that make life and doing business easier, but as tasks become easier to accomplish, we find that more and more things are added to our plate.  Today, it is so common to multi-task or to put on many hats — it is almost expected.  Ang ending?  We expecting too much of each other and of ourselves. Before we know it, we are nursing headaches or allergies or acidic tummies or even falling hair, all brought about by stress.

For instance yesterday, I scheduled to make all my phone calls while driving, stuck in the horrendous Manila mid-day traffic.  It should be a bad combination, but not when you’re moving at 5km per hour, and have a great handsfree car kit (btw, despite my very limited experience on cars, I can say that Ford does have the best quality built-in handsfree system of all the cars I have driven). Anyway, I was able to make 5 really productive phone calls, including a pleasant and efficient conversation with a Ford Philippines customer service agent to schedule a maintenance check (hindi naman ako masyadong fan ng Ford no? 😝).  But did I feel accomplished?  Not really.  Not when you have 2 more important calls you were not able to make because suddenly traffic freed up and I got to my destination earlier.  And I did not have time to catch up because the moment I parked my car, I geared up for a series of carefully timed tasks once again.

Yeah, and I still wonder why I sometimes feel like a ball of stress waiting to explode.

Of course, what I just described is the kind of mundane stress that bothers most of us solopreneurs on a daily basis.  Of course, there are the more serious stuff.  Making ends meet while your business is still growing.  A difficult client.  Doing business in the middle of personal or family crisis.  A huge financial obligation.  Whatever.  A few months back, me and my husband faced the loss of regular income, and helping our team, a multitude with all their various worries and concerns, transition to a new company (a very challenging but very rewarding experience that I will share more about in a future post 😉).

Yesterday in our group bible study, this question came up:

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

What can be more stressful than having a problem and not knowing what to do about it, right?  So my answer was what I always do: I calm down and think of a solution.


Proverbs 3:5-6

5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

No wonder we feel so lost and stressed — we don’t follow instructions.  We are being told to seek God first, to talk to Him, to put Him in charge, and let Him take the lead.  But what we usually do (and I am guilty as charged here) is worry and stress ourselves first, then come up with our best-thought solution, and then dive straight to battle. And then when we lose, that’s when we cry for help.  By this time, your headaches might have already progressed to full-on migraines, and your occasional hair fall to full-on baldness.

A number of unfinished tasks still faced me at the end of our bible study session, and I felt my breathing began to race again.  Stuff to ship.  Team members to talk to.  Inquiries to reply to. But I tried my newly-learned technique.  I lifted everything to Him — even the minutest tasks, the ones I feel I can surely do by myself.  I accepted that I may be too close to my problems to see the big picture, that my understanding cannot ever compare to His wisdom.  And I felt my breathing slow down, my body relax, my mind calm down.  I happily accomplished some more tasks, and let go of those I cannot do trusting that God will give me the strength and time for it the next day.  Stress banished — just like that!

Alpha people, I feel you. We are thinkers and doers, and we believe that we have to do our best and God will do the rest.  That’s true — but our place in the battle is not at the lead. Someone Else promised to lead it for us, so that victory is assured. So the next time you feel stressed about anything, remember: that battle is already won. You just have to let Him lead you.

Light and love,

ktin light

Love to Hear from You!