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Hi, fellow freedom hunter!  First off, it’s great that you hit this page and are looking to work more closely with me.  I love interacting with my readers and hopefully I can be of further help to you through my premium and standard coaching programs.

The Premium Coaching, my passion 

If you are here on this page looking to be personally guided by me as you start, build and grow your own home-based network marketing business with my team, you may go straight to this link below and we will make sure you get the information you need.

Link to Business Coaching


The Alpha Meetups, my advocacy

But if you are still in the process of exploring the many ways of creating another stream of income for you and your family, and are curious whether a Network Marketing opportunity is a good option for you, then you may want to join my free coaching sessions, a.k.a. The Alpha Meetups, where I meet with a bunch of people who, like you, want a sounding board and some free and honest advice before they seriously consider a Network Marketing opportunity.

Being a coach in this industry for a number of years has exposed me to many different opportunities, products, compensation plans and programs, and most importantly, various cultures and ways of doing this business venture. It also exposed me to the unfavorable business practices that earned the Network Marketing industry the controversial reputation it has today.  But I believe so much in this industry that it is my chosen advocacy to implement the best industry practices in my team, and to share it to society through my blog and my meetups.

An Alpha Meetup is NOT a business opportunity meeting, and I guarantee, there will absolutely be no selling, no promotions, no business opportunity orientations of any kind, from any network marketing company.  I respect your financial journey and whatever stage of that journey you are in, and will never expose you to any information that you will not specifically ask for.  The Alpha Meetups is just light talk over coffee or over Google Hangout or even over social media, depending on the group schedule we can agree on.  I give you free advice, and in return, you help me fulfill my advocacy, one meetup at a time.


If you are interested in joining an Alpha Meetup, please drop your information in this link:

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Love and light,

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