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“She believed she could.  So she did”

I started this little space of mine in 2014 when I left my banking career for three things: to hopefully get on the family way with my bestie-slash-hubby of almost 3 years, Jaymon; to focus on my home-based business; and to generally just pursue a better, more balanced life.

And what a ride it has been so far!  I started my so-called “freedom” being totally stumped on what to do.  If you can imagine a zoo animal suddenly being freed, that was exactly how I felt: excited, but almost afraid to believe it was really happening!  I literally took time those first few mornings to enjoy my sheets more, take leisurely sips of my usual morning coffee, go and have casual “I woke up like this” brunches in places where I used to have early morning power meetings.  And then I’d fill the day with stuff I missed being holed up in my cube: bonding with my home-business partners, watching movies mid-day and not having to fight tooth and nail for the best seats, and basically just getting inspiration everywhere.

And then slowly, the hours started to get filled in by real life stuff:  challenging situations, little victories, new discoveries, “aha” moments, crazy happy memories.  These are the stuff I want to fill this personal blog with, little by little, hoping that you may be inspired with them as I was.

When I left banking, I thought I left my inner alpha self and inner #bossbabe in my old work cubicle.  But living this new life, I realize it takes every bit of the alpha in me to fill this canvas with beautiful, meaningful, exciting things.

Once an alpha, always an alpha.  Happy to have you along on the ride!

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